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  1. I just discovered your works today and I have to say, you’re the first group since Tool that has made me feel as giddy as I am now to discover where these compositions are moving. Bravo gentlemen, and thank you. Hopefully you can make it back to the States soon.

  2. Im a man who would like to practice Audio Mastering some Metal in your style, or genre per say, that said, I would love the Sanctuary Multi tracks to practice, maybe even remix it if I ever have the time. Love the tunage you guys are putting out.

  3. Hey Nick and Elder crew, we met after the Charlotte show a few years ago and most recently again in Kansas City- I’m the “DoomTrucker” haha. Just got lost in “reflections…” tonight rolling through sage in the cold moonlight of Wyo/Utah/Idaho- just wanted to say thanks for all the lovely killer tunes that have accompanied my mind and travels for years now, cheers and well wishes til our paths cross again!

  4. Seconded for the San Francisco Bay Area! Drag Weedpecker along with you, too! We do happen to have the best marijuana on the planet and would love to share (the beer’s pretty good too:)!

    The new album is stunningly good. I can’t get enough of it and have indoctrinated pretty much everyone I know. `So glad to have found you guys! Keep rockin’ \m/.

    1. Thirded for the Bay Area! I’m an old fart with kids who doesn’t have time to attend shows anymore but I’d MAKE the time to come see you! Album of the year for me too!

  5. Hey guys – you’re AMAZING! I saw you in both Toronto and Memphis!

    Will you be printing any more of the Floating World shirts? Was hoping for an M.


  6. Can’t wait to see you guys in Vancouver tomorrow night. It’s been a long wait and I couldn’t be more excited. Listening to 1162 right now😁

  7. Hi Guys, I just recently discovered your music and was wondering, when and if you guys will be heading over to Europe/Germany again?

  8. Your music literally makes me wet and i would love to see you guys make music with more hard vocals like from your first album. Rock on

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